Daughters wrapped in pervsome ribbons.
Read a bloody book every now and again -
from the potentially deadly British school
libraries with blood boiling killer rave drugs.
The Social Democratic Party is a myth of the near future - This is America!
And the European Union is an infectious disease - it could mutate into a
straight - haired blonde wearing bright red lipstick.

I tasted the HN51 bird flu virus covered in watermelon sugar - looking nice
and well groomed as Thatcher's willingness was transmitted from person
to person - her frizzy hair?
Chicks are supposed to be hot!
Female ambition - SHOCK HORROR - is a global pandemic!
So don't beat around the commercial bush you stunning Californian Senator.

TOPS OFF - whistles - crowd noise - it's what the people want - a fucking brilliant but pigeonholed pop group. Prog fans have been slaughtered and found washed up in a harbour - They're no risk to consumers!
You and me are mourning the death of the 1980s
so let's hold up the glowsticks and fluoro fibres and sound the rave horns!

Forget the dental assistants, secretaries and baby-holding dubiousness -
samples from the infected.
They are a one-way trap to the sexual scrap-heap.

I need a Rolling Stone - twenty six years old - a gurning, novelty rave act
with sharp lines - possibly hectoring and bitter.
A disgusting old hag like her
is found amongst the turkeys and a fast-rusting vagina - tests show that this
is a dangerous form of avian flu. But I want to put this all in a pot to make something new -
a curly, bare-faced brunette with ideas of collage and pastiche...
No lack of originality here! Let us not sell out. Let us see skin which is thinner and more wrinkle prone than men's.
CALL UPON THE CITIES OF THE RED KNIGHT and a statement from the EU commission.
GO nuts BUT go NUTS politely.

Female nudes over fifty rave spontaneity and chaos and have broken the marble ceiling.

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Anna said...

Wow. This is so good, I love it! xxxx