Holden, Nick and Tom (conversation 9)

The first thing I did when I got off at Penn Station
was to open the door of Henry's lunchroom.
At half past nine that night
I woke her up, but the trouble was
I didn't know what the trouble was
It was nearly daylight and we hear the clock strike ten.
Sally Hayes is on her Christmas vacation
but she spends it talking to George
so I stare up into the dark. Everything is dismally still
besides, I was never crazy about talking to old Mrs Hayes -
What the hell do you put it on the card for?!
Old beams begin to crack mysteriously
I get my bags and walk over to that tunnel
It's five o' clock
time for the tiresome chirping of crickets
then I say, 'Hey, do you mind turning around
I have to eat'.
Our days are numbered.

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