the 25th: On this day...

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Ryan Ormonde said...

Your corrected version made me think:

1. I like the idea of a playwright or composer having TOTAL control, or really what I like is Expressing the desire to have total control - it sets up a challenge or an order.

2. Piece/Earpiece: a) someone who has learned the lines following your code recites the piece. b) someone who has no knowledge of your piece. You are guiding them via an earpiece.

3. Ask everyone you know to send the following email to everyone in their address book, and to forward you all the replies: What did you do on this day? Please respond as follows: 'On this day...'

4. Then maybe spend a day doing what they did, and let people know where you'll be. Or maybe, because I like the typewriter, you in a room, or outside, typing up each person's day, as a performance.

5. Or you in a booth. People can tell you about their day as you type it up, and they get someone else's day in return.