the 19th: On this day...

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This series of journal entries are a re-working of the news headlines from one day (7/1/08) inspired by Bernadette Mayer's use of 'daily occasions'[1]. The headlines spread over the course of seven days in diary form consisting of 10 lines each for visual and performance purposes.
Performance requires seven speakers each taking one page.
Speakers must label themselves 1 to 7.
Speaker 1 begins (all speakers are free to read at any pace and tone).
When she/he reaches line 5 on the page Speaker 2 begins to read her/his page and on reaching the fifth line Speaker 3 begins and so on until Speaker 7 - every fifth line introducing a new speaker.
Once each speaker has read to the end of their page they are free to select any phrases, words, letters, numbers, sounds, phonemes and allophones on their sheet. All seven voices gradually overlap with snippets from the day's events.
Performance ends when speakers feel they are tired of repeating. Each voice gradually dying out.
Like a journal, this piece marks the day's events both on the page and in performance.
*My Poetic Practice class came up with really interesting ideas for developing this piece further (cheers everyone):
1) inviting audience participation - free to contribute a word or sentence recalling any news they encountered that day
2) giving the audience a slip of paper which reads: On this day.... They fill in the blank (thanks Anna:) This would be collected prior/during performance by the speakers and read out alongside their own performance sheet
3) inform people of a box which will be left someplace for 24hrs in which they can deposit any news they have encountered that day (thanks Becky:) Collect, document and perform*
[1] Mayer's work Memory is a journal recording the month of July 1971. It consists of thirty-six pictures shot every day based on her notes and writings of this month.

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